Delivering Solid Content with Humour and Energy

You Can't Be Serious?

Actually he can! Roland often writes articles and presents on radio with serious content. Click below to see his article about the Subjective Uncertainty Reduction Theory, written for the SA Expat, UK edition online magazine.


Professional "Waker Upper!"

Roland is a dynamic motivational speaker whose energy and humour are often employed for the infamous "Graveyard Shift" after lunch session. In over a decade, among thousands of delegates only ONE has been able to sleep through such a session!

"Sticky Thinking"

Presentations are customised to provide a fun experience with practical, targeted content. "visual thinking" and other retention techniques produce the kind of mental "stickiness" that leaves an impression well beyond the event.


Statistically Factual!

Apparently, according to unofficial internet research, up to 96.45% of all statistics are made up... Book Roland and you're even more statistically likely to have fun!

02nd Dec 2013
Comedians Rory Petzer, Joehl Ross, Roland Gaspar, Chloe Harper and Michael "The Fly" Arthur

It’s Lekker, Local Comedy – Herald PE

19th Nov 2013
Logo Comedy collective

Local Comedians Set To Make PE Comedy Shine

Five Eastern Cape based Comedians will join forces to present a live stand-up Comedy show at the Vodacom Amphitheatre on Wednesday the 4th of December, as The East Cape Comedy...

09th Oct 2013
Barmuda Comedy Poster 5 October

Great reviews of Eastern Cape Comedy

What is set to become the first of many Stand-up Comedy events at Barmuda in Port Alfred was well received as evidenced by press reviews after the event, like this...

02nd Oct 2013
Potters Place Live Comedy Advert Oct13

Stand-up Comedy Show in Jeffreys Bay!

If you’re going to be anywhere near Jeffreys Bay on Friday the 4th October, get to Potter’s Place by 8pm for this month’s Live Stand-up Comedy show!  

12th Aug 2013
Algoa Logo Fun

AlgoaFM’s Daron Mann Breakfast Team chat about Roland Gaspar’s Comedy Night 17 August 2013

Daron Mann Breakfast team Press [PLAY] to listen now:  Roland Gaspar AlgoaFM DMB Interview 12August

06th May 2013
Roland Gaspar Humour at Work

10 Reasons Why humour Is A Key To Success At Work

“A sense of humour is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower Tasteful humour is a key to success at work, but there’s a good chance your co-workers aren’t cracking jokes or packaging information with wit on a regular basis–and your office could probably stand to have a little more fun. Here are 10 reasons why humour is a key to success at work:

07th Apr 2013
Roland Gaspar Fun Breaks Through

Don’t let “WORK” be a Horror Story! Watch this video

A short video promo showing how your event can go from a grimace to a smile...

20th Feb 2013
fMRi Scan

Handling Change – The Subjective Uncertainty Reduction Theory

I was recently asked by the Managing Director of an international company to speak to their executives on the subject of uncertainty. As I went through the preparation for the series of presentations I was struck by how much uncertainty, and our experience of this concept, affects us all. In truth, life is one long series of uncertain events and our only certainty is a feeling we have within ourselves. Life is ALWAYS uncertain but we tend to experience less stress when we FEEL as if it isn't. That's where the work of brain researcher Prof Jack Nitschke comes in handy.

14th Feb 2013
Swinging them moves at the Fan-da-Mental show

Great Start to the year with the “Lucky 2013 Show”

This article was featured in Talk of the Town, purveyors of Port Alfred’s local news. The show was well attended and it was a great way to kick of the...